The Secret She Kept: The UnRevealed Truth

Have you ever had a secret that you couldn't tell?
A secret that if told, it could ruin your family? What if the secret is about you and it has already killed you? That is what the secret she kept is about. The story of a young girl who was sworn to secrecy by her family to not uncover the dirty mess her family had made. This girl who had to learn to fend for herself and then by the age of 19 and her 3 children, you will understand why things should not be left unsaid.
The Secret She Kept; The Unrevealed Truth will shock you, make you cry but inspire you to not hold the very secrets that may be killing you on the inside. First-time author Keinosha Keaton will keep you on your toes while teaching how to not let your life hold you back from being your best you!